Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Where Tuesday

I'm not sure about anyone else, but the first day of school just about wore me out. I am now up to 11/13 friends showing up for our class. It's more than I had on Friday when I left. This week I have realized, I am not the energizer bunny and the thought of four more days right now seems crazy. Somehow I make it through each year, but man am I wiped.

I'm continuing to link up to Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week. Today is all about where I work and spend my time so here I go.

I had no plans to change my classroom this year until I showed my husband a bulletin board idea. Then, everything changed to SUPER HEROES! Here's a peak inside.

This is the view when you walk straight into my classroom. I have the carpet area sectioned off with our classroom library and book display. A few of our math manipulatives are stored under the Smart Board, and my desk is in the far corner. It's really nice and cozy. 

 If you look to the opposite corner from the front door, you can see our table area. Each table has their own buckets. I found it was so much easier when two friends shared versus four friends constantly learning over to the other side. We're very blessed to have four student computers in our classroom as well. The back door that is open leads to the pod office I share with three other amazing teachers and some of the best paras around. One of our paras created a coffee and tea bar for us. The other door with the white poster leads to the student bathrooms. You can just peak the corner of the kidney table in this photo. I keep my small group area right by the front door so I can see both zones and the computers while working with my small groups. 

 These photos were taken from the office door in the back corner.

 Here is the front of the classroom. 
Here is an up close look at our word wall. Tomorrow all of my students' names will be on the word wall. 

The state of Florida has some pretty strict fire codes. Two major codes involve us not hang anything from the ceiling or blinds and only 25 percent of non-bulletin board space my have paper covering it. One year I really though about that and visualized moving everything I had attached to the walls to just one wall. It's not a lot of space and requires some creativity. So, I try to use every flat non-wall surface I can find. I use my cabinets, I use the back of book cases, and this year I figured out a way to use my windows. All those windows are quite nice, but most of the time they are closed due to student distractions and the gleaming sun on the SmartBoard. Well, I attached 3M hooks across the windows and made my own clothes line without the clothes. I have three different levels that I can hang everything on. The first one I placed my favorite numbers on so it was eye level for my friends. Every other spot I thought about would have put them up high and my little friends just would not have been able to study and explore each number. Let's just hope my idea continues to work this year. 

I have not had a chance to dig through or even think about getting my materials out for centers. I am definitely only bringing out what we need as we use it. Eventually everything will be up and running, but for now it's just one day at a time . . . maybe a week at a time. 

Thanks for taking a peak of my classroom. Don't forget to head back to Blog Hoppin'.


  1. What a fun room though even with fire codes! We have the same problem in our city. I had to fix that this week after getting the go ahead to get into my room. My small room due to overcrowding restricts me a ton. Being creative helps. It is great to blog hop and look at what everyone is doing to get ready for the new school year.

    Renee from The Science School Yard

  2. Wow, your room is huge! I love how organized it is and it seems to flow really well! Have a great year! :)
    Happy Teaching,
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