Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently September

Where has the last week gone? I had this great Five for Friday planned all in my head, and then one thing can totally change everything that you have going on and take control of your life. Here's a real quick update of my week last week before we get to my currently

  • We started centers! Right now we are only doing one center a day but it is going great!
  • We are using our interactive notebooks! My friends are getting so good at cutting and pasting. I am praying we have gotten paste the point of using a glue stick up within a day . . . I think one of my friends was eating his . . . hmmm.
  • My birthday came. We had popsicles outside and used our senses to make observations. What a great way to justify refreshing treats on a hot day with a bit of science.
  • This week we have been working on rhyming. Most everyone can identify rhyming. Now the challenge is to produce a rhyming word.
  • Sorting, sorting, and more sorting! My friends began sorting this week. We have sorted by shapes, colors, sizes. We have sorted shells, objects, and manipualtives. They're sorting experts!

Enough about the last week. Today I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Listening - My husband is really good about not going video game crazy. It has been two or three years since he has bought the new Madden football game that came out the week. He is in heaven! He doesn't play a whole lot so when he does it makes me happy he was able to take some time for himself.

Loving - Yes my new car! We bought a Kia Sorento. The dealership didn't have the model we wanted so they made the model above the one we want work for our budget. I feel totally spoiled by this car because it has so much more than we had planned or expected. It actually feels like a grownup car. Am I old enough to be a grown up? 

Thinking - Remember at the beginning of the blog I talked about how one thing can totally change and take control of your life. Well, one thing for us has caused this weekend to be quite busy. I'm not quite ready to share with the world, but when I am, you will know. Let's just say there is still some stuff that needs to happen in the next while and I will be very busy. 

Wanting AND Needing- Right now I want for nothing. God is showing us that in His time, He will provide. Because of that, all we need are prayers that God's timing and plan continue to play out. 

3 Trips - I dream of going to the Sequoia National Forest. The thought of how massive the trees are amazes me, and I just want to hug one - yep just hug a tree. I have also never been to Vegas. I think it would be awesome people watching. I would love to spend time traveling the various landscapes of Italy. Someday I will get to all of these places. 

I hope everyone has a great short week!