Friday, August 15, 2014

Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday again. It's been a crazy long week, and I am very ready to sleep in tomorrow.

 This week I have spent most of my time getting my classroom ready for my new friends. Since I was not able to get in early at all, it was a very busy week. I wish I had remembered to take a before picture because Monday morning I had all of my furniture in my room, plus the office and one of my pod mate's furniture in my room as well. It was a little overwhelming! Thankfully the moving guys who helped clean last week came while we were in a meeting and moved all the furniture back (albeit in the wrong spot). I have the best husband who took 2 vacation days just to come in and help me set up. He was amazing! There is no way I would have been anywhere near ready without him this year. I'll blog more about my class set up next week during Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week. 

Today felt like Christmas!!! Several years ago I transferred to the school I am at now. In doing so I left a school that had Smart Board, Light Speed systems, and Document Cameras in every room. My new school had the sound system when I started there and installed Smart Boards my first year, but Document Cameras were only given to the upper grades. Kindergarten had Viz Cams, which are alright if you don't know the power of a Document Camera. I hated the Viz Cam. It was too dark, and I had to unhook part of the Light Speed system to get it to work. It was really a pain. In the spring, I actually told the school librarian I did not want it back. Well today I got a new Document Camera!!! I think I squealed and jumped up and down when I heard I was getting one!!! Truthfully, I was in the line for the copier (you know the never ending line at 2:30 before the first student contact day) and actually left the line to go pick it up. Yes!! I left the copying line for this wonderful present. It's all hooked up and ready to go. Oh I can't wait!!!! I might still be squealing!

The beginning of this month I had a Pampered Chef party for my friends. We had the best time! So in among the craziness of this week all of the goodies we ordered were delivered. On Wednesday when I was sorting through and packing up every one's stuff, I felt like Santa Clause. I never realized how happy kitchen stuff makes me. Everyone needs kitchen stuff!

Last night we had Parent Orientation at my school. I work at a relatively large school. We have 8 kindergarten units and one self contained unit. Florida also has laws pertaining to class size limits. The kindergarten class limit is 18 students. Schools are fined for students over the limit AND for students under the limit. There are ways around the limit once certain counts occur during the fall, but for the most part, classes stick pretty close to it. Currently, I only have 9 students on my list. This is pretty similar in all of our units. At last night's orientation (which was 3 hours long), eight of my students and their families came. This was a really good turn out! I have a lot of positive and supportive parents, almost all of the families spoke English, and I did not have anyone run around the room, roll around on the carpet, or trigger any major red flags. I have several that do not know how to spell their name but it will be alright. I'm excited to see what will happen in the next 180 days of school.  However, if our numbers don't go up we may lose a unit or two. We will have a few more students enroll on Monday but I don't think we will get 40 students coming our way to ensure we keep all of our units. All I know is Monday will be crazy. 

What better way to end this week than laying in bed with Miley? Please forgive my gnarly hair, but that is what happens on a Friday night after a 50 plus hour week. This morning, I just wanted to sleep for another two or three hours so cuddling with her was a perfect ending. Tomorrow I will be sleeping in and then delivering some more of the Pampered Chef orders. 

Be on the look out for a few freebies this coming weekend. I'm working on a few projects and will share them once they are ready. See you all next week!

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  1. Hi Leslie, I found you on Doodle Bugs today :) I know exactly how you felt this week, because I was also setting up my classroom everyday and put in a lot of hours! But i'm glad you got to cuddle with the kitty, what better reward??

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