Friday, November 21, 2014

Five for Friday

I made it to Friday and am still awake! I don't know about anyone else, but I am ready for the weekend. More importantly, I am ready to enjoy next week hanging out with little E. The last few weekends, we have been super busy. I come home on Friday night and am falling asleep by 8:30. Then we've stayed busy all day Saturday and I have completely missed out on Doodle Bugs Five for Friday linky party. Not tonight (although I may have already taken a 30 minute cat nap).

Wednesday was early release for us. That means that my friends leave a whole two and a half hours early. This day also happened to fall on the Great American Teach-In. We had two visitors this year. The first was a Cross-fit trainer who had all of the kindergarteners up and moving. Then we had one of my best friend's come in. Karri is a veterinarian. About 2 years ago, she and her husband moved to North Carolina. They just happened to be visiting this week and she was kind enough to take a few hours out of her day to come share with my friends.  They loved her! They can't quite say veterinarian so they refer to her as the doctor.  

For the last few weeks we have been studying numbers 11-20. I have been working at integrating more arts into our classroom. This activity was a hit! My friends had a blast using popcorn seeds to create models for numbers. 

This week has had frigid temperatures for Florida standards. I am so thankful for the car seat warmers. I have used them at least 4 morning this week. It's very comical listening to my friends talk about how cold it is. Poor things, they just have no clue what true cold weather feels like. Then in the afternoon, I am able to enjoy the nice sunshine. It's been a crazy weather week. 

 This week we have spent lots of time learning about the first Thanksgiving. As a culminating activity during math we used our measurement skills and made individual pumpkin pies. My friends had the best time. Most of my friends were scraping the bottom of their cups for every last drop. I only had one friend not finish it. I am so glad that I went out on a limb this week and to do this activity.

Karri's visit was definitely one of the highlights of the week. For years we have had many conversations, prayers, and tears about starting families. In February, my husband and I were up to our elbows in home study paperwork. I may have been dragging my feet. One evening, Karri told me I needed to get it done because her little girl needed a friend. Her words were just the encouragement I needed to finish all of the paperwork. Karri's little girl is 3 months older than E and for the first time we were able to meet one another's babies. E had the cutest outfit on, but it didn't last very long before he needed an outfit change.  To hold each other's children this week was indescribable. No one will truly understand the connection we share. These two babies are the answer to many prayers we have shared. I'm thankful we are experiencing this new world of mommy-hood together. 

Tomorrow we're off to meet Santa! Other than that there's not much planned but catching up with some friends and doing some shopping. I hope everyone has a nice low-key week and relish in all you have to be thankful for. Head back over to Doodle Bugs so you can see what everyone else has been up to this week. 

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  1. I know what you mean about Friday nights! I just want to come home and crawl into bed!