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Thank you for visiting Limitless Giggles! I have been an avid reader of teacher blogs for years, and have enjoyed sharing in what is happening in other educators' classrooms. I love gathering ideas from others, but felt it was finally time to share the Ed-ventures of Room 504.

I am in my 11th year of teaching. While I am now a kindergarten teacher, I did not start out there - quite the contrary! I actually was a middle school intensive reading teacher. I always thought I wanted to be a middle school teacher, but after one year I knew that was not my niche. Since then, I have also taught second, third, and fourth grades. I loved teaching second grade, but teaching kindergarten truly makes me happy.

I have the best husband ever! I don't think he (or myself) knew just how big of a supportive role he was going to be when I graduated college, but he continues to rise to the challenge. He even takes off work the first day of the year to come help with all of my new friends! I think he was in shock after the first year. His words were "I knew, but I thought they'd sit down after being told 5 or 6 times . . . they don't." It's hard to believe, but he comes back each year.

Besides helping me with school stuff, we like to golf, travel, and go to Disney World . . .  a lot. We live within 45 minutes and both have season passes.

We have two fur-babies. Farnsworth is our 11 year old Shar Pei and Miley is our 7 year old cat. They are completely spoiled.

I hope you find as much inspiration from here, as I have been inspired from the many blogs I have read. Thanks!

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